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When nursing homes, rehabilitation centers or skilled nursing facilities place revenues and profits over the safety and security of their residents, vulnerable and defenseless people suffer serious injuries and death. At Dansky | Katz | Ringold | York, our experienced nursing home neglect lawyers not only fight for compensation, but also justice. No one should tolerate the abuse or neglect of an elderly loved one.

This site was created to help seniors get the justice they deserve when faced with nursing home abuse. Elderly loved ones living assisted living facilities and homes face a staggering 10% (150,000) cases of elder abuse annually! Many slip and falls and neglect cases go unreported, despite the severity.  Our lawyers specialize in assisting you and your loved ones in protect themselves from poor nursing home conditions and abusive staff.

Our law firm focuses solely on personal injury law. A large portion of our practice involves nursing home neglect and elder abuse. While other firms may tout their skills in settling these types of claims, our New Jersey elder abuse attorneys prepare for trial. We will litigate if that provides the best outcome.

Our legal team is composed of a Certified Civil Trial Attorney and a recipient of a Master of Laws in trial advocacy. In addition, we will maintain constant communication in updating you on the status of your case.

Compassionate With Clients, Aggressive With the Opposition and Relentless in the Pursuit of Justice.

Elder abuse can take many forms from emotional to sexual. Not providing the most basic standards of care can result in bedsores and medication errors. Poor monitoring can lead to a resident wandering off the premises or suffering a fracture in a fall.

Simply put, seniors who are 85 and older represent the fastest growing segment of our population. Abuse, unsanitary conditions and a lack of adequate staffing simply cannot be tolerated. Contact a lawyer today.

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